Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster (77 congregations)


4 Mountview Terrace
Banbridge BT32 4JA
Verenigd Koninkrijk


Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster

(77 congregations: 61 in Ulster, 2 in Rep. of Ireland, 14 in England/Scotland)

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By the grace of God, the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster is: reformed in doctrine,

believing in the divine authority and verbal inspiration of the Bible and the great fundamental doctrines of grace it contains.  In keeping with the position of the reformed confessions, the Free Presbyterian Church holds that the Scriptures alone are the supreme authority in matters of faith and practice.  Believing it to be the most reliable translation, the Free Presbyterian Church uses only the Authorized Version (KJV) of the Bible. The Free Presbyterian Church subscribes the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Articles of Faith.